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The Dickhead
7 nights left until Christmas. I only just got my decorations up today! What do yours look like?

Also, unless you're in China, it's 14 days until New Year's! How's people's year been?

At TruckSim, we celebrated our second birthday. Doubling our member count, tripling our traffic and a successful relationship with SCS who generously provide some keys here and there for our giveaways!

Personally, I graduated college with the grades I wanted, working has been mad hectic and the final half of the year has been up and down. All for future benefit I hope! Here's to 2017, may it be upwards for all of us. :)



Long time virtual driver
2016 wasn't a good year for many people. Deaths and deaths around the world (terrorist attacks, boat and plane crashes,etc.)... I'm even going to a friend's funeral Wednesday...
But let's talk about the good things. I'm currently 16, doing my studies and playing ETS2 & ATS when I go home.
I'm checking everyday, and I reached the 650 messages. I'm doing a lot of pictures, as always ! :D
American Truck Simulator and the Vive la France! DLC have been released in 2016, so it's pretty cool :)

Let's hope 2017 will be better !
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