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Hello all, me and Badger have been discussing the idea of selling a repaint + soundpack. Please read for the following prices.
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{100% WILL GO TO CHARITY} Charity Chosen: Samaritans

Repaint for {NOT YET SPECIFIED} + Sound mod = Under £5 donation
5 Repaints for {NOT YET SPECIFIED} + Soundpack = £5+ donation

This project is not yet confirmed as we want to know your opinions.

Would you be willing to pay £1 - £10 knowing that 100% will go to charity.
We are in no way sponsored by the charity but are doing it out of the kindness of ourselves and we would like to offer you this opportunity to help us raise money for everything that they have done. The repaint will feature the logo of the Samaritans and will be dedicated to the ones who suffer or families who have been affected by the loss of a loved one due to suicide, The topic is not to upset anyone but is to simply raise awareness and pay our respects to the ones who have/or suffer(ed). We would like to raise the awareness of the Samaritans charity as well as we simply just do not think that they have enough credit for what they do.

Some information about the Samaritans charity:
Samaritans was founded in 1953 by Chad Varah, a vicar in the Church of England Diocese of London. His inspiration came from an experience he had had some years earlier as a young curate in the Diocese of Lincoln. He had taken a funeral for a girl of fourteen who had killed herself because she feared she had contracted an STD. In reality, she was menstruating. Varah placed an advertisement in a newspaper encouraging people to volunteer at his church, listening to people contemplating suicide.
The movement grew rapidly: within ten years there were 40 branches and now there are 201 branches across the UK and Ireland helping many, deliberately organised without regard to national boundaries on the basis that a service which is not political or religious should not recognise sectarian or political divisions. Samaritans offers support through over 21,200 trained volunteers (2015) and is entirely dependent on voluntary support. The name was not originally chosen by Chad Varah: it was part of a headline to an article in the Daily Mirror newspaper on 7 December 1953 about Varah's work.
In 2004, Samaritans announced that volunteer numbers had reached a thirty-year low, and launched a campaign to recruit more young people (specifically targeted at ages 18–24) to become volunteers. The campaign was fronted by Phil Selway, drummer with the band Radiohead, himself a Samaritans volunteer.

Please feel free to privately message me if you have been affected by the anything raised in this topic or if you feel as if you are having suicidal thoughts please DO NOT hesitate to ring the Samaritans on: 116 123 this is their UK FREE HELPLINE number. The Samaritans are not just for people have suicidal thoughts but also for anyone going through a tough time even if its if your having arguments on a daily basis, or if your feeling sad. Please do not "Prank Call" this charity as they have a lot of valuable time on their hands and you could be stopping them from saving a life or helping someone with a real reason. This charity is a 24 hour, 7 days a week helpline. If you are worried about calling them, they are confidential and you do not need to share any personal information. Thank you for reading.

Source: Wikipedia

Samaritans website: Samaritans
Samaritans Free Helpline: 116 123



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Seems sound to me...

I'll let myself out.
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Now my opinion may be unpopular, but although the intent of charity is in mind, I honestly cannot see anyone paying for repaints and sound packs.

1. Repaints are already freely available.
2. I cannot see anyone wanting to purchase sounds by themselves, if they do not come with a bus model.
3. No disrespect, but it’d be better if you were to build up your reputation in the community, before considering such a large task, which you’re planning to undertake, especially when money is involved.

More importantly, 100% of proceeds wouldn’t go to charity. Regardless of which platform you choose to host your work on, you’d still have to give the hosting site a cut of each sale.

It’s a great idea, thinking of charity, but I just don’t think it would be executed well.

Whilst we’re on the subject, although I myself have gone down the payware road, I think you many of you have to strongly consider whether your work would have what it takes to be payware. I’ve seen so many people, who now want to follow down the payware road, without wanting to go to the extent of learning various programs such as Blender, photoshop etc... essentially you want to show everyone why your project is different from everything else that’s already out there. Although it can be easy money, never go payware if you’re not prepared to do everything else that comes with it.

Also, I’d strongly advise against required donation prices. We’ve recently seen an incident where drama has kicked off over a developer accepting a fixed price donation, in exchange for a product.
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^^ I was only offering out the chance as the Samaritans are such a good cause and myself have suffered a few things along the lines, not to go into detail. But this to me just seemed an opportunity to show myself, and others to the community. I also have been posting on here before under the name "harry cooper" but decided to have a fresh start. But seeming as you don't approve of it, I will call it off

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Agree with you all. Badger does all of his soundpacks for free. I plan to donate when I get some more money too. But asking us to pay for a soundpack is a bit much. I know it's for charity and all but still...


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As thoughtful as your proposal is, and as much as I support the charity; like @Rhys pointed out, there are some drawbacks. I would also be hesitant to donate anything until I saw some of the repaint work included and the quality of such content. However, I wish you all the best in regards to your plans.


I think it's a fantastic gesture, but I wouldn't donate because I'm already supporting a number of local charities.


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As much as charity work is excellent, and I fully support that, I’m not sure if it’s going to go well. We haven’t seen how well you can repaint or create sounds, especially since you only created your account yesterday. The rest I’m going to say is only just what others have said previously. But thanks for trying.


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To add my voice to the above: You'll need to prove you can make a good product before people are going to pay for it. Of course if you're confident that you can do that already then there's no reason not to go straight for it, but you're taking a leap of faith in assuming people will consider your work to be worth it - which can lead to a harsh kick from reality if you don't ground yourself by getting feedback on what you've made.

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I support all of your decisions, I didn't want to make a final decision but I will tell you now. As a decision I have made myself, This will not go on. I am focusing on creating a bus for the community. Thank You all.

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