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every time i have object or spline with these ÄÜÖß in .sco it just says its missing it but its over there with these characters . is there another way to make my omsi read these characters instead of going every time inside my maps and re name it from inside the map because that takes alo't of time and i get pissed of it and sometimes it just gives errors . any solutions please ?
The map am trying to make it working is Ahlheim_Laurenzbeach7z am not missing any objects or splines but i only can see cars moving no streets or object i have no problem to pay for who make this map work ready to pay 20+$ some times map loads .. sometimes it dosen't but when it dose this plot is not there Gyazo - 3805de43f2e38cb502807289170743f7.jpg

PC SPACES : I7:3770 ,RAM16 ,Gigabyte readon 7970 3gb
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