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Upcoming changes to Fellowsfilm:

We are currently in the process of making few changes coming to Fellowsfilm and how we operate. Whilst they will essentially mean nothing to the average user, we feel it is important to keep our userbase up-to-date with what is happening behind the scenes with full transparency.

I set up the forums back in 2012 and it was maintained as a private place to discuss various related matters. We then made the decision, alongside the UKDT release of Cotterell back in 2016, to expand and go public. Since then it has become an amazing place to find British mods, and we are constantly aspiring to retain our reputation as one of the best UK simulation forums around. That being said, in recent times my workload is ever-increasing, and with my own bus company, ChaseBus, expected to launch imminently, I feel like now is the best time to introduce some changes, with the best interests of the community at heart, but also my own personal interests.

We are currently in the process of making a major change to how Fellowsfilm is operated from an administrative standpoint, and who exactly owns the rights to the site and its accompanying assets. The daily running of Fellowsfilm is no longer my sole responsibility, and neither am I now the only sole owner. All responsibilities and ownership are now shared between every member of the Fellowsfilm Limited Administration team. This means that any decision going forward in relation to the "Fellowsfilm" brand will be dealt with cooperatively by the entire team.

To prepare for the future, we have recently registered Fellowsfilm as a limited company. We look forward to being able to announce more of the minor details regarding this in the near future.

It has been an absolute pleasure being the sole owner of Fellowsfilm over the years and I won't be going anywhere, but the time has come to share the pleasure with the rest of the admin team.



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I would like to firstly congratulate the staff and users in making this community as successful as it is. I found this site last year and the level of support i have received has been absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed the majority of the time i have spent here and have truly met some wonderful and creative people. There is something to be said among the community for vast network of support that is offered to existing and new members of the community. Whilst i have grown in development i couldn't have grown in the time frame i have had it not been for the great support shown by the UKDT. I have come to respect and admire the work that goes into this site both behind the scenes and in the forums. That being said im exceptionally privileged and fortunate to have found people like @Fellowslothb , @Road-hog123 , @iomex , @Rhys @ross4122 , @whistlehead , @Citaro2013 , @sambob_12 , @Whiskey.Stuffs and many many more too mention a few who have developed my ability as a map developer. My friendship circle within the community and my respect for what actually goes into making content that you all love and enjoy. With all that being said i for one am excited to see just where the future goes. Please accept my extended gratitude to the Moderation Team, Administrative Staff and members of the Fellowsfilm community. Thank you and may we continue to move forward with respect.


Clearly, an excellent deal of work and effort has been put into this organisation and it's nice to see Fellowsfilm moving up in the world. I am a fairly recent member (4-6 months) and I have seen the great depths of our forums here, and it has inspired me to create my own maps and develop my creator skills and overall creativity! It's also great to have a place where everyone can share stories, opinions and knowledge of public transport and the OMSI (and aeroplane/trucking/train) world. Finally, a HUGE congrats on the officiation of Fellowsfilm into a registered limited company!
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