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CC International Transport is a European Haulage company apart of CC International Group, We operate weekly transport and logistics services across the European Union from four distribution centers.
We take pride in our Company, we have contracts with Elite Edits and MotionFilms to make sure our company stands out from the rest!

Established in early November 2017, CC International Transport grew rapidly in popularity within the Virtual Communities with founders communicating with drivers every minute, after a recent decline in drivers CC International Transport has opened the recruitment center and are now hiring again to replace the previous drivers who have lost interest in Euro Truck Simulator.

Our Fleet:
CC International Transport has a large fleet of trucks and trailers perfectly and professional skinned by Elite Edits, We have an impressive collection of skins that are accessible to all our drivers. view a few below and look at our fleet listing.

- Scania S
- Scania T
- Renault Premium
- DAF 105
- Iveco Hi-way
- Mercedes MP4
- Volvo FH16 2012
- T-Kogel Trailer
- Tanker Trailer
- JPH Contractor Trailer

- Special Transport Skin
- Garage sign Skinned

- JPH Double Deckers
- JPH Fliegl
- JPH Lamberet
- JPH Schmitz
- JPH Wielton
More is likely to be added to this fleet in the future.

We have a unique system in which we work on, all our drivers have a positive experience within the company, Meet our team below

Robert Campbell

Former subcontractor manager at Turiccki Heavy Haulage, Robert founded CCI Transport and works daily to keep the management team up to speed,

Other work:
Presenter @ ThisisQHR
Admin @ Horizon Gaming Community

Míchéal Ó Corráin

Former Website developer at Turiccki Heavy Haulage, Míchéal helped found and manage CCI Transport carrying out Daily management work within the company

Other work:
Moderator @ TVTVM
Moderator @ HGVMP
Admin @ Horizon Gaming Community
Support Staff @ Truckers Database

Ryan K

Directs and manages overall transport activities within the company, works to keep our trucks on the road

Other work:
Owner @ Horizon Gaming Community

- Hughes International ( subcontractor)
- JP Haulage ( sister-company)
- We are a member of the Virtual Trucking Association

below are our partners
- ThisisQHR
- TST Group
- Trucking United
- Road Reliable Services
- Consecgroup
- Long Haulers
- Easy Carry
- Fast Haul Logistics
- Solar Transport
- Truckers Diary


Email: [email protected]

Out-of-hours: [email protected]


Simply join our discord and talk with our team


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