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Hi all, I am going to be making London repaints for Man1333's Mini Pointer Dart, which will include:
  • Stagecoach London (4 variants)
  • Transdev (3 variants)
  • London United (4 variants)
  • Travel London (3 variants)
  • And lots more to come! Including regional repaints too!
Please note that all repaint templates are owned by Man1333 and him only! The repaints themselves are copyrighted by me so don't bother redistributing them!
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Just to get the first things out of the way, I hope to have these all done by the end of August, maybe a tad later for some! Also, these reskins will be released separately in their company groups (for example: Travel London plain red with London buses roundel will be released with the Travel London reskin pack).

Anyway, my first batch of reskins is the Stagecoach London pack, which will include four of the following variants: Plain red, Plain red with roundel, Red with dark blue stripe, and Red with dark blue stripe + swirls.

I am almost finished with one reskin already, so once I have that out of the way, I can do all the others with no issues! Oh also, these will be having roller blinds, fleetnumbers and license plates done, yet I don't even know where I'll get the blinds from!


As you can currently see, I've still gotta edit the interior colour and poles, I need to get some adverts or something else in, and I need to resize the logos, then it'll be done! (thank god that'll be the first one out of the way, then the others will be an absolute breeze)

I shall be posting pictures semi-regularly and I am hoping to keep you all patient and happy, oh also, feel free to ask me ANYTHING at all about the reskins/which ones I am doing!
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Some news! Almost done with this reskin, and once I have done this one, all I gotta do then is remove the swirls and keep the blue stripe, make that a separate reskin, then I'll do the plain red ones and hopefully have the pack released later today!

P.S. I am having thoughts if I should make the main purpose of these repaints for the new London addon that's coming out soon, but I don't know if people will agree with me :confusion:


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^^ Perhaps you could both work on a project together to develop some sort of London Megapack? Would be pretty noice! It would also allow you both the chance to display your works in the end product.

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nothing wrong with a good bit of competition:tearsofjoy:
Well seems i've only waited three years for it :tearsofjoy:

^^ Perhaps you could both work on a project together to develop some sort of London Megapack? Would be pretty noice! It would also allow you both the chance to display your works in the end product.
Think i'll pass on that one :)
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London central & Arriva London have already been done. They will be included in my London themed mega pack (01) , repaints include

Dennis Dart MPD:
GoAhead/London Central
Ct Plus

London CityBus C400R:
Arriva green
Arriva sliver read strips
Ct Plus
London United Cola cola open happiness
Big Bus Tours
Yellow Popping corn

Please note:
All Dennis dart liveries carry there own interior which include seat moquette and aadvertising.
Guys, chill out, this isn't a competition, I'm doing ALL variants, which include plain, with the roundel, with the stripe, and where applicable, with the swoosh etc...

Anyway, I'm also doing them because... well.. there aren't any london mini pointer reskins to download :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

Also @N531 DWM, I think the red you use on your reskins is a tiny bit bland, as I'm using the colour palette which Man1333 used on his other projects

Anyways, I'll have them all done in time, so please be patient lads!


Looking excellent so far ClawzOneThirty, take your time don't let yourself be rushed and i'm sure they will turn out great :)
I'm afraid I am going to have to cancel these reskins, as too many people have been complaining to me on different forums etc, but in the future, at least post if you're doing a reskin, not hide it and then complain about someone else's reskin pack

Anyways, I'm sorry for the people who have been waiting for it to be released, blame the people who kept complaining about it

@Admins, I would like this thread archived
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