Camira Fabrics Website Update


bruh momentum
Aug 5, 2017
Hi, just would like to make an important notice for all repainters of bus interiors out there - Camira Fabrics have now updated their website.

Something's missing? Absolutely. ALL 'bespoke' moquette textures used by real-life bus companies are now GONE. Only 'generic' bus seat samples remain, unless found otherwise.

Just an urgent public service announcement here. Has anyone got an archive of textures here, or does that go against the site rules?
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HD Transport

Veteran Member
Oct 4, 2017
Thankfully I made the wise choice of making an SC branding folder just a week or two before the update

So I have all the SC ones (Beachball, Beachball Hybrid, Stripes, Plain Blue & ELBG), but that’s it unfortunately