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Lukeo submitted a new resource:

C400R Repaint: Metroline London - Metroline London repaint for the Citybus 400 Regional

This is a Metroline London repaint for the Citybus 400 Regional. This repaint isn't perfect, but it should be up to a satisfactory standard and will probably not be changed given the London addon is only around two weeks away. Notably, advertisement boards and some stickers are missing, and some colours may not be 100% accurate.

Simply drop/paste the Vehicles folder and its contents in to your OMSI 2 directory.

When spawning a bus, this repaint will...
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Lukeo updated C400R Repaint: Metroline London with a new update entry:


The following improvements have been made:
- main interior blue colour has been lightened to closer match reality
- interior handrail colour has been adjusted to look more orange and less yellow
- added TfL accessibility stickers to the front of the bus
- reduced the size of the white box on the roof

NOTE: Downloading this version of the repaint will replace the existing version.
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