C400R Repaint: GoAhead London

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Jun 4, 2016
Lukeo submitted a new resource:

C400R Repaint: GoAhead London - GoAhead London repaint for the Citybus 400 Regional

This is a GoAhead London repaint for the Citybus 400 Regional. This repaint isn't perfect, but it should be up to a satisfactory standard; feel free to leave any feedback/constructive criticism via the designation thread. Notably, advertisement boards and some stickers are missing, and some colours may not be 100% accurate.

Simply drop/paste the Vehicles folder and its contents in to your OMSI 2 directory.

When spawning a bus, this repaint will show...
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Ohhh Nice i tried to do something like this for something that should be coming soon but that failed i also tried to make a E500MMC into E400MMC didnt go to well :P
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