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Repaints C400R 101 Sapphire Repaint (1 Viewer) V2.1

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nath16 submitted a new resource:

C400R 101 Sapphire Repaint - Corrected version of the 101

Sorry guys,

I just realised that i had the wrong colour on the wind mirrors on the previous version I've updated it to be the correct colour of yellow this time
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Badger - for letting me use his sapphire repaint

Rebranded to 101 sapphire by me (Nath2016)
How to install

Paste both files into ethier

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI...
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nath16 updated C400R 101 Sapphire Repaint with a new update entry:

Interior Update

Hey guys I jut got around to updating my sapphire repaint with the interior

Sorry this interior doesn't include any of the adverts as i cant get any decent quality pictures of these and i hope to get some in the near future by now enjoy

I included two different seat variants one set of seats with the sapphire logo (101 Sapphire) and one with just plain leather seats in the sapphire colours (plain leather seat 101 Sapphire)

Please find enclosed in the zip folder a Readme document with...
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