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Dec 10, 2015
LAST UPDATED 2019-10-06

"Not Permitted" means that users are not allowed to post screenshots of, links to download, or ask for support with these buses. Posts containing such things will be removed. Users asking about the availability of these vehicles should be directed to this thread.
If circumstances change (e.g. a bus is released publicly) then the FF staff should be contacted with reliable information (e.g. direct from the original author).
This prohibition can of course be bypassed by the original authors of content that is in development.

There are a few reasons for vehicles to be on this list:
  1. Leaked Buses - Buses that are still in development, but have been shared around by one of the testers. In such a case the original author will want their bus to stay private until it is actually finished so it can be released properly.
  2. 'Illegal Buses' - Buses made by ignoring laws, particularly copyright law. This is usually either: models converted from Midtown Madness 2 without the original author's permission; or models made by modifying the original o3d files of an OMSI/OMSI 2 bus, again without permission of the original author. We don't want to encourage this behaviour, so we don't allow these buses to be advertised.
  3. Private Buses - Similar to #1, these are buses that are finished but only released privately to a select few people. Because no public download link can be provided to the inevitable "where can I get that?" questions, and it is very difficult to prove someone received the bus properly, they are not permitted.
  4. Other - These are usually somewhere in the grey area of copyright law, "mods made without permission" and things that are morally wrong.
Understandably these vehicles are enticing - they're usually the only version of a vehicle available, or the best version. Despite this, you probably don't actually want them, given they're frequently not good, unfinished, broken or a combination of all three.

So, here is the list:
  • Addon London Citybus Gemini 3, Citybus 200, Citybus 400 (dual door) Citybus New Routemaster - Still in development.
  • Dennis Dart SLF, Short E200, etc. - model mods based on the Dart SLF by Man1333 (the original bus is permitted however)
  • "UK" E200 - GX7767's Hong Kong E200, but with the model files edited to try and make it UK-spec
  • Buses by NE×TP Studio (Dual Door E200, Dual Door E200MMC) - releases privately to HK OMSI players only, mods are often without permission
  • Buses by Chris Samuls (Optare Solo, ALX300, Leyland Lynx, DAF Prestige, Wright Cadet, AEC Routemaster, etc.) - Converted from MM2 vehicles
  • Buses by Omsi_Modzz (E200MMC, E400 City, Optare Solo SR, Optare Metrocity, Optare Excel, etc.) - Dubious origins (frequently with parts from C400R, HK E200 and others), some leaked
  • Gemini 3 B8L - Presumed to be a modification of the Addon London G3.
  • Masterbus Gen 3 Open Top - Leaked while still in development.
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