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N531 DWM

I like Darts.
Its an Arriva Bus & Coach vehicle anyway so no doubt the leasing from previous operators is up and no one has purchased it so they've put it into the main fleet of Midlands South (Shires & Essex) or its on loan to cover for refurbishments or something along those lines :)


Andreas A.H

Might be a slightly different bus talk passing through :)

There's a route [16] in Gothenburg, Sweden that goes through several universities and high schools and they launched a bi-articulated bus in 2006 as a test that consisted of 3 units that are 24 meters in length. It had the old front like the picture here

In 2009 (I think) they added more of these buses, but unfortunately the more uncomfortable seats that most Volvo buses use now.

Here is an image of the newer model with a fresh front. I believe it is from 2017 and is purchased by Transdev which, btw is the operator now as they changed company name from Veolia.

Fun facts
They all run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

The engine is fitted between the 1st and 2nd pair of doors on the drivers side

The wheels on the 2nd trailer turns giving it the same turning radius as a normal articulated bus

The driver has 3 monitors. While in motion one of them is turned off, but the other two shows a footage of the left / right side at the rear. While at a bus stop, each camera presents a view for each door apart from the front)

The bus has no automatic door control. There are just 2 buttons. One for the front door and one for the rest. I haven't noticed anything negative about this since there are people entering and exiting at every stop

The A/C is weak :(

Personally I don't like the engine sound, but at least it gets me from point A to B with as many as 180-200 (?) people at the same time. Sadly I heard a rumor that the bus won't be manufactured anymore :(


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A very good read, wish TfL paid attention to passengers instead of mileage.


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