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Taken early September this year, prior to re-introduction of local lockdowns and further restrictions.



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Wow! I never knew they put this livery on modern vehicles)!
I'd really like to see it on the Enviro400 MMC now. 😄
Lovely photo though! Very nice. :)
They just painted this one to commemorate 40 years of Stagecoach (similar to the Vyking they painted 5 years ago commemorating 30 years of Strathtay). 53722 is based in Perth which is where Stagecoach first started operations


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All the 4's 4444 MX61 AYC was on there, an I think 4477 & 4478 was as well
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Interesting, I was told Selwyns are running it for Arriva for a bit
I like that livery! Reminds me a bit of the driver training livery Arriva Yorkshire use for their buses up here
It's the standard Arriva training livery, believe it's across all the Arriva regions


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