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Anybody say OmniDekka? Anyone? No, just me.
Anyway, here is YN56 FFC 903, 11.9m Scania N94UD ELC OmniDekka.

And those of you who search the background, you may see 464, a Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2, recently painted from BH3/5 to BH4/none
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All of these pictures were taken at stops that are near to where I live. Most were shot within the last 3 months.

A Vest bodied Volvo B12BLE slows down for Brønshøj Torv on the way to Herlev Station. The B12BLEs pictured have been transferred to different lines following the rebranding of the 5C route. Pictured here is 1678 (previously 8478) which is arguably the best of the bunch!

Another Volvo slows down at the same stop, but going to Gavlhusvej. Featuring advertisements for the line itself & the level of service it provides. Something I have yet to see on the 350S examples! Pictured is bus 1646 (previously 8446).

1548 loading up before heading off. Quite a rarity seeing Scanias on the line following the (re)introduction of ''new'' busses.

8419 at Bellahøj, display isn't shown in the picture but it was working a 250S service to Buddinge Station. A line that previously had double deckers before they were replaced with Citea XLE 137s..

BONUS: Man Lions City GL CNG at Bellahøj, with a 5C bus, it is expected that all A lines are going to become C(ity) lines but with the same fleet is anyones guess...

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Cambridge’s Citi 5 Veg
Got to make use of teachers not being about on the bus park...seemed to have toughened up with rules and kicking everyone off the bus park which is stupid "Health & Saftey"

HIG 4479 (P159 KAK) after a W06 service

R760 DRJ after an E09 service

R501 UWL in its second week in service, after an E12 service

P718 GND after an E11 service

And finally the odd one out, 19568 seen with a Citi 5 to Cambridge (despite what the displays say)


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If that was intended to be read in a Bugs Bunny voice, then that's exactly what I did :P

Went to Nottingham for shopping and ended up doing more bus spotting than shopping. In fact, I did a LOT of bus spotting as there was lots to see.

Saw an E200 branded for the 87/88 on a 40. Typical case of the branded bus ending up on a different route.

Then saw another one on the 47. Makes me wonder what colour bus was on the purple line today if these were off on different routes...


Rare allocation of a diesel powered Enviro 400 on the 27, which is run by gas powered E400 Cities. Prior to that it had Omnidekkas which were hardly ever substituted for spare buses. The 41 is usually run by Solo SRs but E200 spare buses aren't that rare.

Surprise news for Nottingham is the final two Omnicities which have been on borrowed time for the past year or-so have been given new fleet numbers for the second time in recent months and look like they will be staying longer than first expected. This bus has previously been numbered 518 and 301 before gaining number 299 the other day.

Another E400 City bio-gas bus temporarily replaced by one of the oldest double deckers in the fleet now. Won't be possible for much longer as every pre-2010 bus is being withdrawn because they can't convert them to Euro 6 (except possibly those two Omnicities). This one will probably be gone by Christmas.

A service renumbering, vehicle and livery change for the Pathfinder route has grouped it with other lilac line services, using mid-life E400s converted to Euro 6.

Another service change means council-supported P&R buses have been replaced by alterations to existing NCT route 44 plus brand new route 50. This is my first ever photo of a bus on route 50.

The bio-gas E400 Cities really were having a bad day, as a few of these 25Bs were being covered by Omnidekkas. 903 is from a batch of five for route 44 which uses this road in the city centre, so it is revisiting part of its old route in this shot. 901-905 are the only Omnidekkas NCT have on '11' plates.

A nice surprise later on was discovering an Omnidekka had cropped up on my local route - also in place of an E400 City bio-gas! Even better is that this one has an N270UD chassis, so it is louder and better-sounding than the dull-sounding N230UD diesels and N280UD gas buses. Shame I didn't get to ride on it.

(yes, this was long...
...but I can't get this 'spoiler' thing to work)



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NX Coventry route 4 sticks in my mind as being the route the bendy bus was on - the one and only time I saw a Coventry bendy bus in operation in February 2018. Never seen another in subsequent visits to Coventry, have they been withdrawn?
As far as im aware they have sadly. They where using very tired ex London citaros i believe.

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