Bus Spotting

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Ashley Pike

New Member
Oct 26, 2016
So a couple of weeks back, I went to visit The Shard up in London and I thought I would do I bit of bus spotting up there.

However on my way back home, well something happened which I have never seen before happen with the rear doors on a Enviro 200MMC. And acting weird and randomly opening while the bus was moving.

(Video and photo were taken by myself)
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N531 DWM

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Oct 25, 2016
Arriva Midlands (West) Oswestry depot are currently going through a full refurbishment phase of their VDL SB200 Wrightbus Pulsar's 3756 3785-3791 all of which are now refurbished with the exception of 3786/3791 which are currently at MRC Derby, here is FL63DXW (3788) seen heading out of Gobowen bound for Oswestry with a Service 53 they have also now been fitted with USB Charging.

The British Gamer

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Dec 29, 2016
Stagecoach Nuneaton Enviro200MMC Route 48 Gold seen here on diversion around Shanklin Drive (The diversion makes the buses going from the Bus Station go via this road and Higham Lane instead of Hinckley Road, where services would usually run down, and the opposite on the way back to the bus station) passing the local high school as Old/Hinckley Road is shut following a truck overturning by the bridge by one of Nuneatons LIDL’S. Thus is causing delays all throughout Nuneaton, with other services having a delay of at least 15+ minutes! (I would have got a better picture, but I was walking my dog at the time of taking the picture). This happened before midday, but the road’s still shut.