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Sep 1, 2016
66741 and 66740 some of the last buses I drove as a Leeds driver. Many bus spotters like 66741 because of its loud ZF gearbox and deafening Hydraulic Pump which creates a really loud wailing noise when accelerating. 66740 is a much better bus, nice ZF, smooth, fast & warm. 66741 has had work done to It in summer last year meaning it got re-panelled, injectors replaces and a new intercooler which solved the problem of it having no turbo boost pressure. Only niggle I have with 66741 is that it has a replacement massive Volvo steering wheel.



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Jul 1, 2016
It's coming up to a year since the infamous 'Beast from the East', which saw most of the UK under a thick blanket of snow and some rather freak weather for a week.


Here's Arriva Northumbria's 7547, an Ashington-based E400MMC pulling into Gosforth Regent Centre Metro with an X22 to Newcastle.


Arriva Northumbria's 4653, an Ashington-based Scania OmniCity operating the truncated X20 to Amble-by-the-Sea. The route north of Warkworth had been completely blocked by an 8-foot high snow drift.


Facebook post from Arriva North East. Arriva voluntarily started to accept all operators' tickets for travel from the 2nd March, despite no other operator reciprocating.


Alnwick 'MAX' services stood down following police guidance and multiple road closures. Photo courtesy of Arriva Northumbria.

All Arriva Northumbria services were terminated by 6pm, following an incident where a Sapphire E400 left the road at Nedderton and the worsening weather conditions.
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Dec 29, 2016
Arriva Thurmaston FJ64 EUC resting at Nuneaton Bus Station.

KX60 DTU (36171) will be doing route 55 towards Coventry soon. This is the bus I am waiting to catch! The driver has gone for his break before departure at 10:40.

Arriva Thurmaston FN56 CZS (2570) has been left whilst her driver had gone for her break.

There will be more real life picture coming from me!

The British Gamer

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Dec 29, 2016
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