Bus Sound Modding: Advice Needed Please.

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Hey everyone.

I have starting working on my Translink NI livery pack for the Studio Polygon Enviro 400 Pack by @FirstEnviro and I am looking to add two optional BUS files that will add the Volvo B9TL versions to the 10.4 and the 10.9 metre variants. Now the idea is that users would have to have the Volvo B9TL installed for the sounds to work for my two planned fictional configs to work properly as the sounds will be aliased to the Volvo B9TL bus. However before I start ploughing away at making the sound config files. I am curious to know that if this has been done before and is it possible to alias files to another separately installed bus without needing to copy anything over?

My aim here is to have Volvo B9TL sounds on the Enviro 400 MMC custom bus files that I am going to make. I am only interested in doing the ZF version as there are no Voith examples in Northern Ireland and the nearest Voith B9TL's to me are in Edinburgh with Lothian.

I would like to make it so that the sounds will work on my B9TL config files without the need to copy anything over. The sound configs will be different as well and no original files will be overwritten on either bus. That is the plan and I would appreciate any advice on this new idea that is bouncing around in my head right now :).

Thanks in advance and all the best.


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