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Many posts here are related to bus spotting from outside, but it seems there are not much discussion related to interior facilities and design. Through making comparison to different bus interior design and facilities, the differences for bus culture among different countries and regions can be seen.

1. TV monitors are able to be found on some older buses in Hong Kong as there were mini TV shows and advertisements before and those shows were organized by companies related to bus companies themselves. Since July 2017, all bus TV broadcast service has been terminated due to the changes of passengers' entertainment model.

2. Priority seats (關愛座/優先座). There are four priority seats on every public buses in Hong Kong. All are located on no-step areas except some specific models. However, there are many negative commands to these seats as there are many bus conflicts between different passengers especially among elder groups. A nickname 'Seats of criticism' (批鬥座)are given by younger groups.

Capture on a NWFB E500. The red seats are the priority seats.


2 of the four priority seats on a KMB B9TL (red colour)

3. Personal reading lights. This design is available on airport buses only. Each seat on the upper deck has an additional light for passengers to read or using mobile phones.

Light controls can be found on the roof.

4. Bus stop reporting monitors. Digital monitors are able to be found on new buses. It works with the text reporters. The digital monitor can display all the bus stops for the route and the estimated arrival time for the next few stops. It also can be used for posting bus driver hiring advertisements and new promotions.

A digital bus stop reporter on a NWFB E500MMC, showing the estimated arrival time for the next 3 stops.


A digital bus stop reporter on the upper deck of a KMB B9TL.

5. Luggage shelves. This design are featuring on all airport buses and border route buses.

A luggage shelf on a CTB E500MMC.


A smaller size luggage shelf above the front axle.


A larger size luggage shelf on a CTB Cityflyer E500MMC

Sorry for my bad English. You can just share more photos in the comments.
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