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I'm a Scania
Some slightly bodged edits of the above...
arc666t but it's a b10m.png
Volvo B10M
arc666t but its a bonded b10m.png
Volvo B10M with all bonded glass
arc666t but its an n113.png
Scania N113
atlantean line.png
and finally the totally blank (Atlantean) one with no colour whatsoever.

Since there were B10Ms that had the Nottingham bodywork, I thought I'd see how they would have looked with the 666-style front. There were no Scania N113s with the Nottingham-specific body but again I just wondered what it would look like.



I'm a Scania
I completed this about 6 months ago but didn't know of such a thread, but here I am now!
A3 sized pencil drawing of the X53 from Axminster along the coast to Weymouth through many narrow towns and villages from a photo I found online.

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Yeah I'm proud :)
that is pretty damn epic - most of the time when I try drawing something no matter how big a sheet of paper I use I always end up with something A5 size!

e300 mmc cng - Copy.png

Now here's something I'd like to see in real life; Enviro 300 MMC body (longer and wider than E200 MMC) on Scania K or N series chassis. Midis are nice and all but sometimes you need a proper single decker.


I'm a Scania
syt dominator (alt).png

South Yorkshire's Transport
I started this one a couple of months ago, but only rediscovered and finished it recently.

The photo I used for it was one I took at a car show/bus rally in 2015 of one of these buses in full First Barbie livery, with panels and graphics left over from 2006 about the last day of Dennis Dominator operation in Sheffield. I somehow feel it was more interesting to see it in its exact condition from nine years previous than if they'd removed all that and put it in an older livery as a representation of how it used to look.
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