Bulldog Trucking VTC ETS2


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We are a new company called Bulldog Trucking and we are looking for new people to join our team.

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Must have a working mic or headset

Must download Teamspeak3, www.teamspeak3.com and it is FREE!!!

We do convoy's and also get together's to set around and talk

We have an advanced dispatch system to where we pick your loads, but work with you on where you want to go

We have our own log system to where you can input your miles and other information about the load your on

As a real life truck driver I want this to be as realistic as possible for my drivers, but also want you to have fun with our team

If interested in a driving position visit my web page at www.bulldogtrucking.enjin.com

(we hope to see you on the road as part of our team)

Owner and CEO,

Lee S
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