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BosnyTransport is recruiting


BosnyTransport is a company established October 2014. Our main goal is to provide fast, safe and efficient transport across Europe. We do this by keeping our company organised and by hiring only the best drivers.
The difference between BosnyTransport and all the other companies is the community within. We strive to do daily convoys and meetups with other truckers.
Our company consists of a very organised management team which makes sure that everything is going smooth within the company.

We have several sister companies we run aswell. These sister companies completely rely on our system and use the resources we provide them.
When you apply to join the company we will review your application and if we find you qualify for the company we will contact you to arrange a meeting for a driving test from our HQ in Brussels.
Our management team is known for running big(30 trucks) convoys. We've been doing this for a really long time so we know what to do in certain situations.
Find more information about our company below.

As of right now our staff team consists of a small amount of experienced people. They will help you resolve any issue and answer any questions you might have. If you go to our website, you will notice a fancy system. This system is called the TruckNet, originally created by the well known StuartD. We have modified the TruckNet to our liking and added quite alot fancy features which our drivers and company benefit from. Our system was really reliable so we decided to let other companies use it. As of right now, there are quite a few companies who use our system with joy and pleasure. It's really simple and easy to use.

The application process is quite simple. You could become a BosnyTransport official driver within afer just a few hours of applying!
Once you submit your application, and we find you qualify for the company, you will be contacted by one of our staff members. This person might ask you a few questions and will then give you a driving test.
You will be asked to do a job with a reasonable range. During this job, a trainer will follow you. He will eventually eveluate your driving test and let you know if you qualify for the company.




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