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SCS has made a blog post about their upcoming DLC called "Brazilian Paint Job".

Paint jobs for our Brazilian fans

Brazil's economy depends to a large extent on truck transportation. Truck manufacturers from all over the world are competing for the Brazilian market intensely. Brazil is a big country, and it has come a long way to becoming a major global economical power.

So obviously it is not a coincidence that we have a lot of players playing and buying our truck sims in Brazil. There is a very strong fan community there, many people making mods, uploading YouTube movies, sending us e-mails with suggestions. Even though there is a language barrier for us at SCS to understand what our games' players at the various community websites are talking about, we understand that this is a country with a big potential for our games in the future, and that we should pay more attention to it.

As a way to say "thanks" to our fans in Brazil, and also to celebrate the upcoming World Cup football championship just starting in Brazil, we are releasing a new truckpaint job pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 today. Have fun!

Now that FIFA is on, we could expect some more of these little surprises from SCS.



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I think this thing with paint jobs i getting too long. I want to see the new trucks which they have announced and gameplay improvements. I only care about the paint job in my truck by a small fraction. SCS should make DLC which will add longer in length trailers and heavier which would be more interesting to hauling. They could also make DLC which will add more tuning parts such as new bars, new lights, new wheels etc.

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