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This project is also being developed by Phantom Productions
{Update this post was updated with upto date images & Info 28/10/18}

Hello, Fellow Bus Drivers
I have recently been working on a left path map which is based on Leigh In Greater Manchester the Main routes I will be trying to recreate into OMSI 2 is 575 - Bolton Inter - Old Lords Est which is ran by Diamond and over time I will add in the Arriva 575 which goes from Bolton to Wigan , the next route I will be making is 125, from Bolton Interchange to Chorley//Preston, eventually I will be trying to recreate most of the routes that goes to Bolton Interchange over the Years I will be doing this map for Free, and I will be doing it quickly then to update it in future with more and more detail as I can.

The map started off at Leigh Bus station including 588, 589 591 + 2 Fictional circular routes 579 592 which is ran by Jim Stones & LCT ( Leigh Community Transport (Fictional))
I have also included X88 Route which is Ran by Arriva Sapphire which is 588 but only stops at the canal and an estate in Lowton.

Will this include different bus companies? Yes it will that can range from Diamond North West, Arriva, First, Stagecoach/Stagecoach Gold. What year is this set in, It is set in 2018 as much as possible to keep it updated as much as possible.

I aim to make this map quite a big map so over years it will become larger.
I may be looking for some help if you Inbox me I mainly am Looking for Realistic Buildings that could improve detail of the map and realism.

Release of this map is still yet Unknown as of 28/10/2018 but I will be keeping updates coming of the map this map may take a while to make as I do not get alot of freetime.
As of now in the screenshots I have painted on the Roads for now but this will change in the future to propper made roads.

You can donate by clicking the button below this will be going towards custom Object's & much more for the map

Screenshots So Far:
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Just an update on what's going on unfortuantely I've lost quite alot of files regarding this map but ontop of that I felt this map has more potential with skills I learned in the editor, with that said I have decided I will be remaking this map, starting with a local route , 575 this will be a 20-25 min journey each way and I will be expanding from there I hope yous can understand my frustration with losing the progress I have but I will be remake it to a higher standard.
Good luck! I'm excited to see what comes of the new route:)

Joshua Ramsden

Phantom Productions
Update: due to looking at what i've created so far I have realised I have majority roads in for the MetroShuttle Bus. I have decided I will be making this route first then be focusing on the 575 and the 574 due to the fact majority of the roads are in and it weill just require scenery mainly. This is a route map of the route this will act as a taster of what's to come I plan to release the map when the 3 routes are done.



This is why an Optare Versa in omsi would be class. Especially for 500. Good luck Josh and hope u did not loose any of your work this time.


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given i spent 15 years of my life in Bolton (moved away in 2015, so not even been to the new bus station yet), I'm looking forward to this, but i did live in north Bolton, didnt travel south of town centre much, my local routes were 534,535,537,525,526, 1

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