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Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce that my company Blue Mule Trucking has just opened its doors! We're in need of drivers at the moment, and will be considering applicants for staff positions in the future as the company grows.

Blue Mule Trucking believes very strongly in providing those with an avid enthusiasm in commercial driving simulators a place to be to have fun, and engage in their hobby undeterred and unashamedly. We also take great steps to ensure we present ourselves as professionally as possible. Our drivers are expected to present themselves with kindness and courtesy to their fellow employees and all drivers outside of the company. A driver for Blue Mule Trucking can expect to be held to the rules issued, enforced by the in-game admins, and agreed upon by the player for the use of the ETS 2 MP mod, and several "common sense" rules here within the company.

Abusing, insulting, discriminating, and other general misbehavior will NOT be tolerated here within the company, and an employee caught to be breaking the aforementioned rules can expect disciplinary action up to and including removal from their position. We do not care about color, gender, or any other facets of an individuals personal choices or identity here, because we can all identify on a very simple basis: Our enjoyment of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and trucking in general.

If you're seeking a company that values its drivers and makes everyone a part of the team and can have fun, while still remaining polite, courteous, and professional, then please consider Blue Mule Trucking!

Based in Felixstowe, UK, Blue Mule Trucking is a new company seeking to expand. Our employees are encouraged to drive the routes they enjoy in the truck of their choice, and to join in on convoys, or even set up some of their own, but our employees are not expected to convoy and can drive solo if they wish. We value courteous and skillful driving and are seeking experienced drivers. Our only stipulations is that our drivers follow the rules we listed and use a company paint scheme who's template is made available at the company's page on and use our company tags, also provided on that page.

If our company interests you please submit an application here :

Thank you for considering Blue Mule Trucking as your employer!

Teamspeak :
Website : (Working on it!)

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