Blankwitz: 1 missing object

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Jun 13, 2016
hello there,
I currently have one missing object for the map, it is:
if anybody could help me out It would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.


Jun 13, 2016
Thankyou very much this did work. However, I now have no missing objects, splines whatsoever and the map still loads and shows a blank sky. So once again, would anyone be able to help, I keep having problem after problem with this map, so anyone who could help me in getting it working, that would be appreciated immensely.


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Nov 14, 2016
i would try and re-install every bit of the map whether it would be splines or sceneryobjects and EVEN BUSES! (and of course the map) its not working right for me though as route 28 works but route R98 is missing some very important tiles and i think the other routes too. Its a painful process. Im missing Sceneryobjects\Helferlein_Objekte\Räumpfeil.sco, and ive tried to install 50 million times but it wont work. What i suspect is Raeumpfeil.sco Is what is ment to be Räumpfeil.sco and this probably is screwing everything up.
to Dacookie!//MFF76 - i had already edited it because i knew i didnt have Citybus 0305 addon as said to have in the "readme", thank you for the support!
solution - Try running it in EDITOR MODE, R98 works fine for me, the others work too!
if that doesnt work download the MEGA ( if you dont like MEGA)
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DaCookie! // MFF76

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Apr 1, 2016
Sometimes the parked cars and ailist can be an issue. Make sure you have all the vehicles installed, or remove them from the map files.