Bit of a convoy!

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Jan 12, 2014
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I said ages ago I'd post some photos from ETS2MP, but I deleted them all by accident! So here's some photos from this afternoon/evenings driving with a few of the Swift boys! You'll all be glad to know EU1 only went down once! ETS2MP is definitely better if there's more than one of you driving, and you've got a teamspeak server to with it! :P

First load of the weekend :)

The start of the evenings convoy, First time I've actually found anyone I know on here!

Short break whilst we waited for more people!

Loading with another of my drivers from swift! We ran in convoy together for the whole evening :)

Loaded for the UK!

Waiting for another driver in Carlisle! Needless to say we caused a little bit of havoc, and we were luck not to be kicked :P

Sneaky photo opportunity! And don't worry, there was no other trucks any where near us

Ready for the final run of the night over to Rotterdam! And we got photo bombed by a scania :D

There also happens to be a few pictures of me broken down, or stuck it ditches after hitting corners at 150kph, but you don't all want to see that :P

All in all was a good evening! ETS2MP has come a seriously long way since the last time I played it, and I'm hoping it can only get better :)
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