Beginners Tutorial: How to take a job

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The Baron
Here is the back to basic guide to taking your very first job...

So, now that you have created your in-game profile, it's time to get out on the road and take your first job.

1. Opening the "Job Market"

On the main menu screen (Esc if in-game) click on the "Job Market" button highlighted in red below.
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2. Selecting "Quick Jobs"

You will notice that the "Freight Market" option is not yet available. This will become available further down the line once you own your own truck. For now however, we will stick to taking quick jobs to earn some money. Select the "Quick Jobs" option highlighted in red below.

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3. Filter results by your HQ location

Remember when you created your profile, you had to select your main headquarters location? Well, to make things a lot easier, on the map, select your HQ location. In this instance, we selected "Birmingham, UK" as our HQ.
The reason for doing this is simply to save time when picking up your trailer from the depot. You don't have to do this step, but bare in mind that if your HQ is located in Birmingham and you have selected a job from Grimsby to Sheffield, you will have to travel from Birmingham to Grimsby to pick up your trailer.
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4. Selecting a job
Lastly, select a job from the menu on the right hand side.
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