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So I saw some more cool things from Tesla earlier today showing their cars driving through floods and then tweets from CEO Elon Musk suggesting you can actually use the car as a boat for a short period of time, even though it's not recommened!

Reminded me of a few articles I saw earlier in the week so I did some searching and I found them again! If you've not seen it yet, here you go! :)

Is this the future?! Now it's not fully electric, the batteries are recharged by a turbine engine but I suspect it's the closest we'll get for a while.. The company developing this truck, Nikola Motor Company, claim to have a huge amount of pre-orders for it (we don't know how true that is!) so some haulier somewhere must be interested in it!

Features in the cabin include:
  • One or two full sized beds
  • Large 4K TV
  • Full size fridge and freezer
  • Microwave
  • Large closet for hanging clothes
  • Computer desk
  • Apple TV integrated
  • WiFi and 4GLTE Internet connectivity
  • Electronic climate control
Certainly sounds more comfortable than the current line up from Peterbilt, Volvo, Kenworth and the rest! So what do you recon? Going in the right direction or should be stick with proper diesel engines for as long as possible? :P

Full article here:
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Pretty weird looking truck ! :p
It reminds me the "Freightliner Insipiration" / "Freightliner Supertruck" or the "Mercedes Future truck 2025" :

For me, all these trucks are pretty much the same, with a strange look :p
But it can be really interesting & important for the future, the pollution etc.


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All on an electric motor... All that electrical equipment, the driver convenience, the weight.... On a mostly electric truck.... Yeah I'm dubious to see how well that will work and whether or not average gas mileage is any better. Batteries weigh a LOT. Unless they're created super lightweight ones, I don't have high hopes. Good concept though!

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It's all god damn plastic look stuff that's made in no-girl-land

End of the day it's the same shape for the trailers


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