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Im carrying this over from aussiex. I have started a map called Barsbrough a fictional map based in outer london the route shere are as.

33 City Centre-Clapton every 4-8min

136 Dagenham Heathway-Fleet Street every 8-12min

175 Borough,Orion Estate-Clapton,Heathwood Road every 5-10min

233 Borough Orion Estate-Avondale Estate every 7min

132 Broadsley Cross-Avondale Estate every 8min

M34 Mortlake Hospital-St Johns Church(Broadsley Cross) every 10-14min

M28 Mortlake Hospital-Mortlake ASDA every 10-15min

450 Mortlake Hospital-Grange Park(maybe extended) every 15min

1st photo is the enviro(ignore the gemini 2 I already added to London one.

2nd photo is of Grange Park

3rd photo is of the map of which I will be doing.

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