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Ay Valley Route : 12:52 Westhampton to Barrowmere 2017-08-19

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CrazyShark Gaming

A SHARK-ing person
Jul 31, 2016
CrazyShark Gaming submitted a new file:

Ay Valley Route : 12:52 Westhampton to Barrowmere - Take 158763 on the 12:52 from Westhampton to Barrowmere stopping at all stations on the way.

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It is a clear summers day, you start at Westhampton and get ready to operate the 12:52 service to Barrowmere, calling at: Ledridge, Denbigh Park, Balehill, High Lakes, Long Winding, Highvale, and Barrowmere. You are a 2 car Class 158 (158763)View attachment 16980
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