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I have compiled all the suggestions and idea for ATS into one long list I'll add more to this list as more people suggest more ideas.

All suggestion

American road Junctions
Canada & Alaska maps
Double Trailers
Realistic Driving Hours
Police, like in Rig N Rolls
Gas Stations in the towns
Deliveries to Airports, Seaports, Store and etc
Log Books
Better AI vehicles
Events like Traffic Jams, Accidents, Wildlife crossing
Debris on roads,
Bigger trailers
Buy Trailers and Depots to compete with the rivals
Winning contracts
Driver Controls like getting out of the trucks, and so on
American Trucks Sounds
Large Diesel Engine and Jake Brakes
Tires and Brake wear away as they become older
Off-road and realistic chemical Jobs
Worker wages options
Personalize houses, buy vintage cars and so on
Gas Price 3-4 Dollars
western slope of Colorado in the game map
Traffic updates by Radio
Different Gas Price from state to state
More Truck options
Seasonal Upgrades, like bigger tires for winter
Actual seasons
Home Life
More AI company competition in bidding and reputation
Second sale of trucks
Dirt on trucks over time
Visible truck damage
Weight Stations
Better Graphics and Realistic physics Simulations
Mack International Freight liner and Volvo Trucks
Volvo VNL780
Industry Specific Job
realistic fines
loosing licence if you do too much damage
truck stops
53 foot trailer
Kenworth W900
realistic traffic patterns
vintage trucks
Grand Canyon and Arizona's desert
Company name on Trucks and Trailers
Ice road trucking
more pedestrians
challenging drives
Flying J truck
Driving Tests for earning a licence
Tax for trucks

Please don't suggest anything here at this thread if you have something in mind that could enhance ATS please make a post at this link HERE


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