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---- Who we are ----

We are a vtc that was built from the ground up on December 30th, 2015. What makes us different from other vtcs you may ask. We have special events like our annual truck-fest, truck races, convoys, and much more! We offer the benefits to our own members and to other vtcs as well. For example, we have a Convoy Control team that will soon be able to handle convoys for our vtc and for other vtcs if they request some help. We also provide a team of event controllers who keep in-game parties or events safe and controled for our vtc and others. We are a company that strives to help you move forward. To do this, we offer driving classes to help our drivers to become the best they can be! We are a vtc that understands the feeling of being noticed on a large scale. So we created a monthly contest so you can feel that same feeling. Every month, the driver who can log the most kilometers gets to have a custom message with their name put on the front page of our website! We make things fun for every party involved while still following all rules.

---- How can you apply? ----


- Must be at least 13 years old
- Must have a skype account and a working microphone
- Must have at least 5 in-game hours
- Must follow all rules (skype, ets2mp,myvtc rules, etc.)
- Cannot be in another vtc (Virtual Truck Company)
- Must be able to understand English
- Must be active on ets2
- Little to no disciplinary actions on your ets2mp account
- Must be mature

Where do you apply?

To apply for Arrow Trucking, you can either go to our website (recommended) or you can go directly to our myvtc recruitment page. If you choose to go to our website then click on the "apply" sub page to apply from there. If you apply using our myvtc recruitment page, be sure to fill in all that is required.PLEASE NOTE! ANY APPLICATION THAT HAS INCORRECT INFORMATION OR THAT DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION WILL BE DISCARDED WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE!

What happens after you apply?
If you apply using the website, you will receive an instant conformation email to the email provided and then will later get an email about your application being accepted or denied. If you use the myvtc recruitment page, then we will email you using the email you provide when we decide based on your application whether we will accept or deny you.

---- So I got in, what next? ----

Congrats on getting in to the company! Now, we have certain paint jobs for the different divisions which will have to be applied to your truck at the earliest convenience. Based on what division you applied for, different instructions will given for you to follow so if you have questions just contact us. Also you can log your jobs so that you can get closer to winning the monthly contest, earn credits, and earn bragging rights among your friends.

---- Extra Information ----

Have questions?

You can contact us via email or by our contact page on our website.
Email: [email protected]

Happy Trucking,
Arrow Trucking VTC


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