American Heavy Hauler in Europe


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Just bought a new truck and gave my old to a driver in my company then made my way to the pickup location in Milano Italy.

A beautiful wide load. Perfect for Heavy Haul. After checking the lines and doing my pretrip we move out.

Had to stop to pay the toll before leaving Italy.

Stopped in Northern Germany for rest and food. A local took this picture as I was making my way out of the Rest Area. Seems to have caught my good side.

Had to swerve to avoid hitting a stupid photographer who wanted to take a picture of my truck in the middle of a rainstorm.

Boarding the Ferry in Denmark. Next stop Norway.

Finally arrived in Stravanger Norway to drop off my load. Had to descent into the Pit on steep hills and sharp curves. Enough to test any veteran driver.

Well that will be it for the night. Time to hit the sack and pick up another load in the morning.


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