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Bus Mods ALX400 Regional Announcement enabler 2.1

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Announcement Pack-er
Apr 21, 2017
Yuki7144 submitted a new download:

ALX400 Regional Announcement enabler - This enables announcements for the ALX400 Regional.

The following are needed for this to work:
TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec) - The ALX400 Regional Specification

This mod was originally intended for the C400R but also works for the ALX400 , so I have reuploaded the mod with the correct folder names for it to be installed on the ALX400.

As this is a script modification, there is no screenshot.

NOTE: For this to work, one must set the line and route using...
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Your Local StreetDeck
Mar 31, 2017
Favourite Truck
i keep getting an error when spawning the bus
Oct 25, 2016
The download says

"You have to press "Q" before your first stop though to start the sequence."

But I have to press "Q" before every announcement.