ALX400 Arriva London DLA Repaint Pack (London Spec)

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Tom99962 submitted a new download:

ALX400 Arriva London DLA Repaint (London Spec) - A Repaint Based of Arriva London's DLA 270 for the London Spec ALX400

This is a repaint for V3D's ALX400 Based off DLA 270, It Contains a Fully Refurbished Interior and a 2014 Feel on the Outside due to the Fact it's falling to pieces and covered in Dirt. It also has the Bus of the Year 2014 Sticker to add the Feel. Bare in Mind this is the first version and the First ALX400 Repaint I've done, So If you find any bugs please feel free to tell me and I'll Fix them.
V3D - Creator of the Bus
Me _ Creator of the Repaint
Frosty - Adverts...
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