All About 2014: Best Year!

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John Necir Rebellion

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Jun 9, 2014
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Special Holidays (New Year, Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)
Post Something Cool, Unforgettable Moments/Memories all about his year! [2014]
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Aug 30, 2014
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For me one of the things is that I finally actually bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 after having a pirated version for like a year and a half. It was mainly because of Multiplayer, but I love it as a singelplayer game too and why not support SCS for it?

A few pics from my multiplayer experiences :3

My trusty ol' Volvo. Later to be sold for me Merc :D

Clusterf**k of trucks in the background at Europoort :rolleyes:

The Merc. Early days.;)

The Merc right now :cool1:

And this year I joined Swift Haulage!

One of my International ladies :P

My current motor. The Mighty Volvo :cool:
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