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Creator of the E400 MMC and Bristol Airport map.
Nov 1, 2016

Welcome to my latest project for OMSI 2, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC, by le Studio Polygon.
Dubbed the "Studio Polygon 400MMC"
The Enviro 400 MMC is the successor to the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, of which a similar version is available here on Fellowsfilm in the form of the Citybus 400. The Enviro 400 MMC is used across the UK and beyond by many operators. I'm sure you have seen an Enviro 400 MMC before in person, so you're probably familiar with it.

I'm of course always open for feedback and suggestions. Feel free to leave your comments here.
In case you're wondering, this is why I've been saying I haven't worked on Bristol for about a month. ;)

I, for one, love the E400 MMC. I get the bus on a daily basis and instantly fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time about 3 years ago.
There is currently an E400 MMC available in OMSI 2, but in the form of the E400 MMC LH HK. LH being low height and HK being Hong Kong. This means there is not a UK variant of the E400 MMC.
I have had past Blender experience making some generic models, but nothing as complicated as this. So I decided to take a gamble and give it a go.
When I first started the modelling, I was ready to give up. The model to begin with looked awful and actually worse than an unnamed group of modders which I'm sure you know about.
Since then, my skills have progress massively to the point now where I feel it's at a stage where it's ready to announce, so here's my announcement. tada

I don't know. Progress on the exterior and interior of the bus is going at such a faster rate than I initial intended and the progress you see here is about 3 weeks worth of progress, so I'm really happy with what I've done so far. I want to say it will be released by the end of the year, but it probably won't be. So please DO NOT take this as a release date. I'll release it when it's ready, there will be no release dates.
Aiming for Q1 2020.

I don't know when, and no you can't. So don't bother asking, you'll just irritate me and I'll lose respect for you.

Planned Variants
This is the current list of planned variants. This can be subject to change.
This list is correct as of the 8th October 2019.

Alexander Dennis ADL Enviro 400 MMC Body:
  • ADL E40D Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.3, 10.8, 11.5
  • ADL E40H Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.3, 10.8, 11.5
  • Volvo B5TL/B5LH Chassis (Not confirmed)
  • Scania N250UD Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.9, 11.4
  • Scania N280UD Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.9, 11.4

Alexander Dennis ADL Enviro 400 City Body:
  • ADL E40D Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.3, 10.8, 11.5
  • Scania N280UD Chassis
    • All lengths, 10.8, 11.4
Alexander Dennis ADL Enviro 400 XLB Body:
  • Volvo B8L Chassis
    • 13.4

Possibly some fictional variants, but all to be revealed. ;)

PLEASE NOTE: These screenshots are NOT FINAL and hence some areas are incomplete or subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I be a beta tester?
A: no.

Q: What ticket machine?
A: Choice Ticketer, Almex and VIX TP5800

Q: Will there be the XYZ variant?
A: I don't know yet. It depends if I can collect ref etc etc. I will only do it if I feel I can. I will not force myself to do it.

Q: Release date?
A: No release dates.

Q: I wish I could test it!
A: lol I'm not thick

Q: Will this be freeware?
A: Current plan is for it to be released on Steam as an official DLC.

  • Modified Civic seats
  • Guidance and support
  • Wheels
  • Ticketer
  • Guidance and support.
  • Models
  • Original Civic seats.
  • Reference
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Jan 25, 2017
The man has put a whip in and commented for once in 2000 years. I am so happy to see a proper MMC after waiting 2 years just to be promised one!
This could go well with the E200MMC also being made and come together as one whole release!

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Creator of the E400 MMC and Bristol Airport map.
Nov 1, 2016
Well, wasn't expecting you to come out with this, looks pretty good tbh. Not a huge fan of the mirrors and mirror arms, but then thats simply because none here in Kent have those mirrors/mirror arms, so thats just my personal preference, not a down side or anything. Looks stunning and i wish you the best of luck with this project :)
Yeah there are different mirror variants. I haven't fully decided on what ones I want to use yet.