Buses ADL Enviro 500 MMC (Version 3.0)


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OK, some housekeeping first.
There was some technical problems with the forum and I have been too busy to type this, hence the delayed post here. Sorry about that.
If you have downloaded the bus from the Facebook Page already, then you can leave because it's the same version.

So, let's get to the main points.

1. Updates were made to existing batches of Enviro500 MMCs buses. These include but not limited to: sound, performance, modelling and textures.

2. The following buses are added in this version:

ADL Enviro500 MMC 12 metres (Euro 5):
> ATENU1198-1241 (Last batches of the 'golden' MMCs)
> ATENU1242-1651 (First batches of the 'red' MMCs, a.k.a. "Heartbeat of the City")

ADL Enviro500 MMC 12.8 metres (Euro 5):
> 3ATENU153-222 ('Red' MMCs, a.k.a. "Heartbeat of the City")

ADL Enviro500 MMC 12 metres (Euro 6):
> E6T1, 2 (The Euro 6 trial MMCs in KMB. These buses were made back in 2015, hence their older version of body work.)

3. Many repaints (based on reality) made by MB Workshop and NX Studio are created in the file.

To avoid incompatibility with older versions, please backup and delete the original files in Vehicles\Dennis_Enviro500MMC\ , except the Texture folder.

You can download the new version from our Facebook post.

Joint Production of MB Workshop, Winsome's OMSI Studio, KT 4404, Naphthalene the bus tuner in OMSI and NX Studio.
10th Dec, 2018.


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