Repaints ADL E500MMC 'Facelift' 12m Cotterell U18 Repaint & Destination Pack [Removed]

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ADL E500MMC 'Facelift' Cotterell Repaint & Destination Pack - U18 Repaint & Destination Pack

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Included in this file is the First U18 repaint (also found on AD156's Gemini 2 and Lowlander21's Eclipse 2) for use on Cotterell from UKDT and front, side and rear destinations for the recently released ADL E500MMC 'Facelift' by Winsome, which are...
- Empty Screen
- Not in Service
- U18 to Bus Station
- U18 to Cotterell University
- X18 to Bus Station Fast
- X18 to Cotterell University Fast

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