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About Us:

Acro Express was founded in January 2017. Almost filed for bankruptcy in March 2017 due to a lack of loads and high running costs. In November 2017 after moving from Venezia, Italy to Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria it helped us lower running cost and allowing us to branch into the US market and build a headquarters in San Diego, California. With this move we have fixed our financial problems. We are currently remodeling our company and will be back in full force in January 2018!!

Goals for 2017:
Be on ATS by summer time. (Done)
Get and nice website for the VTC. (Done)
Get and discord server. (Done)
Host fun events.
Hit 50 drivers be the end of the year.
Make a recruiting video.
This is the goals we are looking to do and need your help to do them.

What Are We About:
We are all about having fun and getting the job done. Even though we are a small company we still have state-of-the-art technology come see for yourself and we hope to make different divisions by the end of next year.

What Do We Offer To Our Drivers:
here are the top 5 things
1. State-of-the-art technology
2.Top performing drivers get a promotion
3.Highly motivated environment
4.Friendly management staff to help you with any issues youmay have.
5. Real dispatch

Join Requirement:
We are not hard to join at all we just asked you to meet our minimum requirements that all can be found on our website also fill out a short application which doesn't take long to complete you can find us at


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