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Jordan Tolley


As you may know, with the EU GDPR Regulation, one of the ruled policies is to allow users to have control over their information and stored data. I seem to not have this control.

During your sign up process (which was quite terrible), I managed to "not fulfil" your sign up requirements, causing the page to refresh, which meant Google Autocomplete put in the incorrect details INCLUDING my personal details in which you should NOT have access to, and with full compliance of the GDPR, I wish for this information removed and deleted permanently.

I signed up to this 'community' in order to download a piece of software to help me with modding (I was sent here by a post on the SCS Forums). Unfortunately, I must create 3 measly posts to actually access this (which is just a tactic from you to just get me to sign up, so you can get my details AND revenue from my site visit). I don't wish to participate with this.

I am thoroughly unimpressed with this experience, and I will NOT be visiting again any time soon.

My data is to be deleted, effective immediately after this post creating. The breach of this EU Law will be reported to the correct authorities and you should have the correct tools to allow the end-user to see, edit and delete any data about them.

Good Day.


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Jan 12, 2014
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User removed as requested. No further info is held for him in the admin cp.
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