A new route if someone can make it

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Firstly the reason why I ask this is because I'm no good at making these sort of routes but if someone wanted to do my local area (Stafford) It's run by 5 companies but only 2 are main ones

Arriva West Midlands
D&G Bus (First Bus)
First Bus
Select Bus
Travel West Midlands (National Express)

The routes I would like someone to do are the main routes around Stafford, Since this is quite a large town.



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There's talk of a Staffordshire route going on inside the UKDT at the moment. However, you're unlikely to get anywhere by asking people to make content for you - the only people who have the time and ability to make this content tend to already be working on projects of their own, rather than looking for projects to make from other people. In addition, making a map is a huge time commitment - it takes months or years to do.

I'd recommend having a look through the OMSI SDK and starting to play with map editing yourself, the more map makers the merrier :)


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