787 Dreamliner by QualityWings - is it worth it?


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Nov 14, 2016
QualityWings 787 (Flight1.com)

after a more or less endless wait, the day has finally come. QualityWings has released there 787 and its looking impressive! The product is a Officially licensed product by Boeing (like PMDG).

The price is $69 or £57 in £
i'd like to know what your guys thoughts on it
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Feb 11, 2016
From what I know, it seems to be a great aircraft but not a study aircraft so maybe a tad bit above Aerosoft's Airbus simulation levels. Also seems to have quite a few memory issues so if you are to buy it, make sure you are using Steve's DX10 fixer.
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Oct 24, 2016
I echo @theminecraftmodman 's thoughts, it's a solid addon but it is not a full on study sim. I've read quite a bit about bugs regarding the LNAV showing for some people, so you may wish to wait for some hotfixes or a service pack.


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Apr 5, 2016
I've not flown it, but apparently it is well worth it, however what I would say is if you are planning to upgrade to P3D anytime soon then hold off as it's due to be released early next year - although they will be doing a discount when the P3D version releases.