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Europe is broke! No More money means corrupt police, No wages and No Street Lights. The European Union Spent all it's money on buying Cuttlefish and everybody else wants to keep their money! To Save Electricity and Money the EU have said no more Street lights which makes you dependent on your Truck and the Ai's Headlights.

The police give you a £3000 fine for crashing your truck because like everybody else they are broke too! If you gain damage on your trailer you will lose a bit of money.

Loans are more affordable except option 4. 29.9APR with a repayment schedule of 52 weeks. If you are broke you can get a coffee with a €10.

Have Fun.

V1.1 - Tweaked Street Lamp Times.
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For some reason this mod made me think of the ultimate simulator game, Greek Banking Simulator, breaking all the records for gaming related things!

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