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Hi there,
I'm currently working on a bus and I want to lock some 3D files to prevent bad conversions to other game and conversions without my autorisation.

For example, take the addons of Darius like his Mercedes-Benz C2, when we try to open an .o3d file with the 3D File Converter it's denny the access with a pop up
Uncognized or unsupported file type ! (Or no valid object found!)

I don't know how lock my .o3d file and this is very embarrassing 😕 I currently export on Blender as .x and use the 3D X Concerter SDK tool.

If you have any theories let's talk about them here 😄

(About 3d softwares; I have Blender (what I use), ZModeler 3, SketchUp)

Thanks !
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The only way I know of locking files is through a software Aerosoft provides for payware addon creators, but I think even that's not totally waterproof. Unfortunately there's no way of doing so other than that.


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Yeah, what Growl said.

To get the o3d files locked, they need to be encrypted to a specific format. To do this, the base OMSI game needs to be updated to add support for these encrypted files, which the developers have said they're no longer willing to do.

Sadly, we cannot secure these files anymore.
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