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It took a longer than anticipated testing process to produce the Steam Achivements Update a.k.a Update 1.13 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, but finally, quite late tonight, we are here with the release on Steam!

The central feature new to this game update is the introduction of Steam Achievements, as described in our earlier blog post.

The rest of the changes is relatively limited and non-critical, these are only very local "diffs" implemented on top of the previous stable 1.12 and 1.11 versions:

  • Steam achievements
  • Added functionality to unbind keys/buttons/axes in game ui
  • Added cruise control grid option
  • Cruise control speed limited to truck speed limit speed (if enabled)
  • Quickload and quicksave
  • Bindable keys/buttons for increasing and decreasing of radio volume
  • Fixed speed limits in some countries (Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia)
  • Fixed license plate generation in some cities (Graz, Klagenfurt, Ostrava)

From this point of view this update should not break too many mods, but your mileage may vary. If you are playing the game with mods, it is always a good idea to make backups of your profile folder structure to safeguard older save game files, and be aware of means to revert back to earlier version if you deem it desirable. This is actually very easy on Steam - we are using the system of Steam betas for keeping older releases of the game accessible.

Retail variant of this game update, of course without the Steam Achievements, will be made available in a couple of days.

For the next game update to version 1.14, the changes in code and game data will be much bigger. We are merging in changes to the game world, especially the northern parts that need to be altered for having good connections to the future region of Scandinavia. A lot of game and engine code has been changed, and 1.14 will roll in various improvements that the programming team has queued up for release over circa past 3 months. And last but not least, finally the new Euro 6 DAF truck tractor is almost ready, with the last round of iterations based on feedback from DAF Trucks N.V. getting us very close to desired quality. Testing all this mix of changes and additions is a complex procedure, please have patience with us!
Latest post from the SCS blog! How many if you have been waiting for the steam achievements? :p
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They'll probably release a 1.13.1 (or something like that) patch that includes the DAF XF Euro 6 in the next one or two weeks.


Yay! Steam Achievements... [Sarcasm]
I don't know why they even bother to make a patch for this.


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