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  1. Sambob_12

    Whats the best head tracker/track IR?

    I’ve been using the TrackHat clip since early 2018 and would highly recommend it. The only problems I’ve had are small things like occasionally drifting from the centre in ETS2, but that’s not a massive problem if you set up a hotkey to re-centre it. It works in a variety of games, I believe...
  2. Sambob_12

    Buses Optare Excel

    Maybe you could think about creating both versions of the lights and utilising the setvar feature to switch between them, so users can pick which version they wish to use?
  3. Sambob_12

    SP 400MMC Stagecoach Repaint for Studio Polygon's 400MMC - V1.2 - 400MMC Pack v1.02 Compatibility

    Updated various interior textures to use new templates Downscaled and converted textures to .dds format
  4. Sambob_12

    Repaints Stagecoach Repaint for Studio Polygon's 400MMC

    Sambob_12 updated Stagecoach Repaint for Studio Polygon's 400MMC with a new update entry: 400MMC Pack v1.02 Compatibility Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Sambob_12

    boxes in maps

    Quite a few people have reported experiencing this in the past day or so. It looks like the problems have been caused by installing the map "Hillgrove 4.0". The author released an update about an hour ago claiming to have fixed the problem so I'd suggest installing that and seeing if it works.
  6. Sambob_12

    Scenery Sambob_12's Traffic Bollards Pack

    Sambob_12 updated Sambob_12's Traffic Bollards Pack with a new update entry: V1.01 - A new bollard Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Sambob_12

    Sambob_12's Traffic Bollards Pack - V1.01 - A new bollard

    Added "No entry for pedestrians" bollard as requested.
  8. Sambob_12

    The South London Project: Girl not accepting ticket.

    Go to OMSI 2\TicketPacks\London and open London.otp in a text editor. Find this section and make sure the highlighted value is set to 0. This is the minimum age of the person that can request the ticket. The problem that you're getting is because the child wants to request a ticket but can't as...