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  1. FlutterSTAR

    Staff Opportunity Download Moderator Applications Open

    I would like to help out but I have a lot of time on my hands with YouTube. Maybe it's something to think about in the future if ever this site needs more staff. :)
  2. FlutterSTAR

    Buses [LDT] Leyland National Mk1

    No worries there. This project is definitely something to look forward to for sure! I am also looking forward to making some repaints for it, especially one for my YouTube channel. :D
  3. FlutterSTAR

    Buses [LDT] Leyland National Mk1

    Oh, right. Thank you. :)
  4. FlutterSTAR

    Buses [LDT] Leyland National Mk1

    Honestly, this bus takes me back to my childhood! It's not a very "girly" thing, but this has literally been a dream bus since then. And now, seeing it coming to OMSI and LOTUS makes me extremely excited to drive this! But I do have one question about it, though. Is this bus actually have a...
  5. FlutterSTAR

    Buses [Official DLC] Studio Polygon 400MMC

    I can't believe I am seeing this... This bus is my frequent service, and now it's being made for OMSI. I want to start by saying the following... The quality of the model looks amazing. The progress is coming along well. This bus will make a great appearance to the OMSI community. Keep up...