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  1. whistlehead

    Answered OMSI won't load after powercut

    Hi, are you using "Load latest state of map"? If you are, try using "Load map without buses" instead - the save data for the last map you used might have become corrupted, so starting a new game with a new save file might sort the problem. You should be fine after that.
  2. whistlehead

    Scunthorpe install

    Every download should have installation instructions included in it. You have to follow the instructions for every one of them.
  3. whistlehead

    Weird Editor Issue - Keyboard

    Hi, this is a relatively rare but highly annoying bug. There is a simple workaround though. When you load the OMSI editor, it will ask you if you want to load the last map you worked on or if you want to load a different map. Don't choose to open the last map, even if it's the one you want to...
  4. whistlehead

    Scunthorpe install

    Ah, well there's your problem. OMSIworld is a pirate website, which steals content from authors and reuploads them without permission. Not only do they steal content, you also can't trust them to have all the dependencies the maps require to work. Try downloading the same map from our official...
  5. whistlehead

    Now botw map isnt working

    The site where it used to be hosted is now offline - you can find the same objects here: Unsupported - Tony_A Objects
  6. whistlehead

    Answered Newbie can't even load game

    Hi Damo, The two camera control modes work as follows: Standard - hold middle mouse button and move mouse to control viewing angle, hold right mouse button and move mouse to control viewing distance Alternate - hold right mouse button and move mouse to control viewing angle, hold shift+right...
  7. whistlehead

    Fehler bei Bereichsprufungen: TUV 9

    Have you considered what will happen if you are within 5 stops of the end of the route? I don't fully understand what you're trying to achieve, but it looks like you will be trying to find an item outside the range of the array of bus stops.
  8. whistlehead

    Answered Spline placement issues

    As noted above, you cannot use "Complete to" to cross a join in two tiles. When you are using that tool, you have to imagine that you are creating two straight lines sticking out of the end of the two splines you're joining - "complete to" will only work if those lines cross. If the lines run...
  9. whistlehead

    No AI Buses have their lights or passengers lights on

    Is it the C400 by any chance? There's a known bug with it that stops the lights being turned on by the AI. Please be more specific with your questions, there are a lot of things which might cause a problem. Also, please post in the help and advice section if you need, y'know, help or advice...
  10. whistlehead

    MS Gen3 Speed limiter and repaints - PSA

    Hey, just a quick one for the people wondering why the Gen3 is so slow. The speed limiter is set by the repaint in the same way as any other setvar - the variable is SpeedLimiterOption, and the options available are: 0 (default) 60kph (37mph) 1 70kph (43mph) 2 80kph (50mph) 3 90kph...
  11. whistlehead

    Teamspeak channel

    As a follow up, we also aren't going to be starting a discord community any time soon - those who were around while the original Fellowsfilm discord server was open will know why. There are plenty of great community discord servers around, I'm sure you can find one you like. We are remaining a...
  12. whistlehead

    Bus Discusion
  13. whistlehead

    What's on your workbench? (July-September 2020)

    That's because you have not triangulated your mesh - OMSI doesn't know where the face should be (i.e. what order to join the vertices together in), it just knows where all the vertices are, so it's guessing and it's got it wrong. Just select the face in blender, hit ctrl+T and you're all good...
  14. whistlehead

    Bus Mods Euro 4 Grille Delete

    Did you install it on the latest version of the C400?
  15. whistlehead

    One for the repainters - a mod to remove the E4 grille from the C400R: UKDT C400R - Euro 4...

    One for the repainters - a mod to remove the E4 grille from the C400R: UKDT C400R - Euro 4 Grille Delete
  16. whistlehead

    Bus Mods Euro 4 Grille Delete

    whistlehead submitted a new download: Euro 4 Grille Delete - Remove that E4 grille from the C400R Read more about this download...
  17. whistlehead

    UKDT C400R Euro 4 Grille Delete 1.0

    Make your E5 C400 repaints nicer by removing that pesky E4 grille from the left hand side. Existing repaints will be compatible with this modification with small alterations to fill in the empty rear grille location. Repaint textures made for this modification will be 100% backwards compatible...
  18. whistlehead

    Going Live? Advertise your streams here!

    Doing a quick little C400 mod
  19. whistlehead

    What's on your workbench? (July-September 2020)

    That gives me an idea for a quick little mod I could do