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  1. Cooker

    SP 400 MMC Destination Displays Disappear for a few seconds.

    I have this problem with putting the destination on SP 400 MMC on BoTW. I am currently using the EG3 option. I type the Route No., and as I am gonna type the destination No., nothing happens. So I went in and put it in the route selection in the OMSI 2 Drop down window, I typed the route and...
  2. Cooker

    Need help with BoTW 2.9

    Hello! I need help with the textures of BoTW 2.9. I don't see this in my other maps, only this one. Here's some screenies Help me please. EDIT: Thanks a million guys! BoTW is totally fine now.
  3. Cooker

    Answered Driver’s Login Code for the SP Lite

    Do you guys know what the code is on the Studio Polygon Lite?
  4. Cooker

    UK routes on Sundays

    Hello! Why don’t some OMSI UK routes have Sunday Routes? I want to know because I am not from the UK
  5. Cooker

    Answered OMSI 2 Best Settings for Low-End PC

    So I have this very Low-End PC and here are the specs (please don't give me excuses like buying a new computer because yeah I am planning to that's why I posted cheap pc suggestions but I cannot go out right now 'cause, well you know what I mean) AMD A9-9425 (I think this only a Dual Core) 3.10...
  6. Cooker

    Man Lion’s Coach repainting windows.

    Hello! I am having problems with repainting the front windows of the Lion’s Coach. Do you guys know how to, or you just simply cannot repaint the front window?
  7. Cooker

    Man Lion's Coach Krueger Display

    How do I make it appear on the Lion's Coach AI?
  8. Cooker

    Creating buses for OMSI 2

    It’s been going on in my head for 2 weeks now on how to create a bus for OMSI 2, and since it’s the covid-19 Lockdown season, I wish to be able to achieve something better. Do you have any tips? Also are there any pros and cons on the situation? Reason? I want to create one of these. Check...
  9. Cooker

    What is the difference between LOTUS and OMSI?

    Okay so this is a stupid question, but I would really like to know this because i am considering buying LOTUS in the future. Is it any better (Like P3D but with buses), Or the same like OMSI 2? If so are OMSI 2 addons compatible like how FSX Addons are compatible with P3D?
  10. Cooker

    Timetable editing

    Hi guys I need help with the timetable. I have 15 buses assigned on a single route. I let them so that they leave the station with 40 mins Between each other. But then I started seeing two to three buses on the same route, same time together e.g 2 (sometimes 3) buses arrive the station at 12...
  11. Cooker

    "Stream-Lesefehler" when using repaint tool

    Hello! So I have this problem with installing repaints in omsi 2 using repaint tool. I finish up my repaint of the d40lf then set it up using the repaint-tool. There's an rpc you have to open before opening the repaint but when I open the repaint it says "Stream-Lesefehler". I searched this up...
  12. Cooker

    Cheap gaming pc suggestions

    Like the title says, i am in need of a pc that can run OMSI 2 with no fuss especially when it comes to running maps on this website Can you guys suggest a decent pc for me pls? EDIT: Thank you for the Replies.